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Svalbard Global Seed Vault’s Seed Portal

At this page, you can search among the stored seed samples in the Seed Vault and the depositing institutions. You can also find information about terms and conditions for depositing seeds.

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The Seed Portal serves two main users



The Seed Portal provides depositors with a channel to submit accession lists of the material they wish to deposit in the Seed Vault. For more information, please see the Depositor Guidelines in the menu above.


The general public

The Seed Portal is open for the general public to learn more about the seed samples conserved in the Seed Vault - see the Depositors tab in the menu above.

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This map illustrates that genebanks all over the world have deposited seeds in the Seed Vault. Name of the depositors appear by pointing and clicking at the icons. As several genebanks are located quite near each other, the map has to be enlarged by double clicks, to view all institutes. If you are searching for one particular institute, it is recommended to use the search functions on this website

More information about us

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a long-term safety backup for the world’s crop diversity. Carved into the solid rock of the Plateau Mountain, the Seed Vault stores more than one million seed samples from genebanks around the world. The storage is free of charge, ownership of the seeds remains with the depositor and all seeds are sealed under black box conditions.

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is owned by Norway and managed in a partnership between the Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the regional genebank NordGen and the international organization Crop Trust. Read more about us at www.seedvault.no